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Inspired by the medieval tradition of the ethical will, the forever letter is a heartfelt letter we write to the people who matter to us with the hope that, even if our letter isn't kept forever, the wisdom and love that we share will be.

Confronting ourselves and expressing ourselves to the people we love can be challenging. What should we say? How should we say it? And when?

It's my mission in my speaking, workshops, and consultations to:
  • Inspire and motivate you to write
  • Help you to clarify your values
  • Encourage you to make yourself known to the people you love and to heal what may be broken between you
  • Attune you to the subtleties and nuances involved in writing forever letters

The venue for a workshop can be the place where you worship, work, or live. A workshop can be held at a conference, retreat, community gathering, family reunion, birthday celebration, or hosted as a private salon. If you're an attorney who specializes in estate planning or a financial advisor, you can offer a day-long workshop as a value-add for your clients.

Workshops are customized to meet group, family, couples, and individual needs.


Elana demonstrates in her speaking, teaching,and writing the transformational power of an ancient wisdom: we cannot value the meaning of our lives without confronting the inevitability of our deaths. Elana choreographs an interactive process that enables people from divergent religious perspectives to travel where they once feared to tread and to return from the odyssey with renewed hope in an enduring future.
–Dr. Christopher M. Leighton
Presbyterian Minister and Executive Director
Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Zaiman is a caring and compassionate chaplain, and a thoughtful teacher. She possesses the rare quality that enables her to be present to people of all faiths and religious backgrounds.
–Joshua H. Gortler, President
The Kline Galland Foundation, Seattle, WA

I find it hard to imagine that there are many other people who can be so "on"–high energy and passionate–in front of groups and yet so present and compassionate one on one. Elana is a rarity–a naturally gifted teacher with real wisdom to share and an ability to connect to with people of all ages. She is both inspired and inspiring.
- Rachel Brodie, Writer and Educator, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi Zaiman is an amazing and generous person. Those qualities shine through in everything she does; As a teacher, scholar and writer, she's brilliant and engaging, a pleasure to study and learn with; she has the ability to inspire you to see things anew.
-Sandee Brawarsky, Culture Editor
The JewishWeek, New York, New York

Rabbi Zaiman’s humanity, scholarship, and down-to-earth-ness make her feel like she is speaking directly to you. The immediacy of her presence is augmented by the depth of her intellect.
–Arthur J. Magida, Author of
Opening The Doors of Wonder: Reflections on Religious Rites of Passage


The Power of Letters, Historical Inspiration, This Book and it's Intent

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